Peter Lawson Jones

Actor • Voice-Over Artist • Playwright





Alex Cross (2012)                                                                   Featured                 Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment


Detroit 1-8-7, Episode 113: Road to Nowhere (2011)        Under 5                  ABC Studios/FTP Productions, LLC


25 Hill (2011)                                                                           Featured                teamcherokee productions


 Starve (2014)                                                                           Supporting            P2 Films


The Umbrella Man (2014)                                                     Featured                G Squared Pictures/Point Park

                                                                                                                                  University/Mindset Productions


Gearheads (2016)                                                                    Featured                Uncork'd Entertainment


Made in Cleveland (2013)                                                     Featured                CINEMA Cleveland


ReversALL (2015)                                                                   Supporting            MadWerkz Studios


Swing Lowe Sweet Chariote (2013)                                     Featured                HWIC Filmworks


Robbie 3.0 (2011)                                                                    Lead (VO)              University Of Southern California

                                                                                                                                   School of Cinematic Arts


Early Riser (2012)                                                                   Supporting            Trich Arts/Picture Palace Pictures


If the River Was Whiskey (2012)                                          Featured                The Scripps College of

                                                                                                                                  Communications at Ohio University


How to Change the World (2016)                                         Lead                      Blurry Dude Media Group


Benevolent Stranger (2013)                                                   Supporting            Inspyred Pictures


Grasshopper (2015)                                                                Supporting            WillGroup Pictures


Deadly Desperations (2014)                                                  Supporting            SANEPOETSfilms


Seeing Tomorrow (2014)                                                        Featured                MadWerkz Studios


If Joy Comes (2012)                                                                Supporting            MBlak Productions MBE


All in a Movie (2011)                                                              Featured                JLG Media Group, LLC


The Show, Episode 5 (2012)                                                  Supporting            Stochastic Art Works


Stokes: An American Dream Documentary (2009)           Narrator                 PBS/WVIZ


Nationwide Industrial Video (2015)                                    Principal                Animal


"Vision 2020" Industrial Video (2015)                                  Principal                Outside the Frame


Purell Advantage Trust Industrial Video (2011)                Principal                Wyse Advertising




Pablo Castro for Judge Radio Commercial (2016)                                             Pablo Castro for Judge Committee


Issue 8 Campaign Video/Television Commericial/                                         R Strategy Group/

Radio Commercials (2015)                                                                                    North Water Partners


Hewitt for Judge Campaign Television Commercial (2015)                            Strategic Resources Consulting, LLC


Armond Budish Campaign Radio Commercial (2014)                                     Lake Effects Productions


"Our Own Reasons" Radio Commercials (2013)                                                The Plain Dealer/Northeast Ohio

                                                                                                                                   Media Group


Ernst & Young Health Services Industry Tax Conference Video (2010)         Ernst & Young


Ernst & Young Global Automotive Center Video (2010)                                  Ernst & Young


Ernst & Young Health Sciences Tax Conference (2009)                                    Ernst & Young


Ernst & Young 2009 Strategic Growth Forum Video (2009)                             Ernst & Young


Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe Performance Television Commercial (2009)        WKYC-TV3


THEATRE (post-2007)


White Rabbit Red Rabbit  (2015)                       The Actor                                 Cleveland Public Theatre


Against All Odds: Seasons to Win -                  Ted Ginn, Sr.                            Hanna Theatre

The Ted Ginn, Sr. Story (2014)

Ceremonies in Dark Old Men (2014)                Russell B. Parker                     Karamu Theatre


The Exonerated (2013)                                         Delbert Tibbs                          Cuyahoga Community College

                                                                                                                                   Eastern Campus


The Gospel According to James (2013)             James Cameron                       Ensemble Theatre


A Carol for Cleveland (2012)                              Fez/George                             Cleveland Play House


The Compromise (2012)                                      Dr. Booker T. Washington     Oberlin College and Conservatory


Huck Finn’s Story (2011)                                     Jim                                            The Illusion Factory


Ruined (2011)                                                        Christian                                  Karamu Theatre


From Breast Cancer to Broadway (2010)          Santa/Daddy                          Karamu Theatre

                                                                                (a cappella solos)


The Great White Hope (2010)                            Tick                                            Ensemble Theatre/Karamu


A House With No Walls (2009)                          Salif Camara                            Karamu Theatre


Bourbon at the Border (2008)                             Tyrone Washington                Ensemble Theatre/Karamu Theatre


African American Playwrights Exchange -

2012 Artist of the Year


Special Skills

Public speaking (as an attorney and former elected official)

Playwriting ("The Family Line" and "The Bloodless Jungle")

Singing (bass/baritone)

Accents (African, Caribbean, Southern)

Sports (baseball, basketball, bowling)



Harvard College, A.B. (Magna Cum Laude in Government), 1975

Harvard Law School, J.D. 1980




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