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The Bloodless Jungle named one of the best plays of 2017

LAND of CLEVE honored Peter's political drama, The Bloodless Jungle, with an Achievement Award for being one of the top plays produced in Cleveland this year.  You may recall that, 48 hours before opening night, Peter had to assume the lead role in the play.  Find out more.












Has Peter returned to politics as the Mayor?  Read on.


Or as a state senator?  LandofCleve reviews The Bloodless Jungle. Read about it here.


What three words of advice from his mom have powered Peter's multiple careers? Find out here.


And the Oscar goes to . . .


Peter won the 2016 Indie Gathering International Film Festival Best Ohio Supporting Actor Award for his turn as a free enterprise-touting, self-absorbed factory owner in the comedy, How to Change the World.  Peter thanks both Ian Kline and Neil Weakland of Blurry Dude Media Group both for casting him in the role and for their excellent direction.


See Peter's comments in March 2016 Equity News


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Cleveland Magazine

checks in with Peter

in its December cover story.

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The Amen Corner


"Peter Lawson Jones is wonderful as the tubercular jazz musician who comes unexpectedly back into the life of the sanctified Sister Margaret, sending her congregation and her teenage son into turmoil and revolt. The father/son scene is almost unbearably touching."

Linda Eisenstein,, December 2017


"The human experience of a son's longing for his father in his life is portrayed through contrasting dimensions in the developing craft of Kali Hatten, who plays  a teenaged David against the very seasoned Peter Lawson Jones, who portrays his father. Jones encourages the audience to extend to his character both sympathy and empathy in regard to his life's choices and indecisions."

Prester Pickett, M.F.A., The Real Deal, December 2017



The Bloodless Jungle


"Dynamic drama The Bloodless Jungle is a timely drama of political proportions..." "Playwright Jones stepped into the lead role a few days before opening night, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It is hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of the upstanding but conflicted Senator who is sincerely trying to make the world a better place. Jones definitely gets our vote in the role of Ethan St. John."

Richard Stimac,, August 2017


The work is riveting: [Jones] doesn't hit a false note with the dialogue at any point . . . throughout this work Jones demonstrates his mastery and maturity as a playwright by dealing with age-old issues such as integrity, loyalty and friendship with the same keen sense and import that he devotes to modern-day issues..."

Mansfield Frazier,, September 2016


Ceremonies in Dark Old Men


“Peter Lawson Jones well develops the role of Russell Parker . . . He creates a person who is very real.”

Ray Berko, Member, American Theatre Critics Association, February 2014


“Russell B. Parker . . . (is) skillfully portrayed by Peter Lawson Jones.”

Mansfield Frazier,, February 2014


The Gospel According to James


"Anne McEvoy as a middle aged Marie (Mary Ball) and Peter Lawson Jones as the adult James Cameron, are each believable as the duo with differing memories."

Roy Berko,, February 2013


A Carol for Cleveland


"Peter Lawson Jones (yes, the former county commissioner) turned on the charm as two characters- whacky Fez and the more suburban George."

Laura Kennelly,, December 2012


"Fez (a spirited Peter Lawson Jones)."

Fran Heller, Cleveland Jewish News, December 12, 2012




"Playing opposite her is the confident Peter Lawson Jones, who can now claim to be a Karamu veteran... At this stage of his thespian career he probably should be looking for a one-man show vehicle, which he now is eminently prepared to handle. He's turned pro."

Mansfield Frazier, The Cleveland Leader, May 11, 2011


"In [a] well-crafted supporting [role], Peter Lawson Jones is the weak but always hustling Christian..."

Christine Howey, The Plain Dealer, May 11, 2011


Great White Hope


"[T]he production has many unexpected little pleasures to help us make it through the night. The giddiest is the sight of Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones in gingham and a bonnet enacting Topsy in a lunatic staging of Uncle Tom's Cabin. When not so dressed, he displays an amiable intensity - as the trainer - that portends a theatrical career even beyond politics."

- Keith A. Joseph, Scene Magazine, February 2010


" Jones gives Tick a turn-of-the-20th-century drawl and a physical wiliness, slipping out the boxer's way at one moment, getting between him and trouble the next. He's funny and folksy, wise but reticent."

- Erick Trickey, Cleveland Magazine, March 2010


"Wearing a full wig of black braids and a skirt, Jones, as Tick playing Topsy, sings and dances his heart out for the booing European crowd, and in the process proves to Cleveland crowds that he has indeed developed into a first-rate actor...and a very brave one to boot. In those brief minutes he virtually steals the show. I laughed so hard my bladder damn near betrayed me."

- Mansfield B. Frazier,, February 2010


A House with No Walls


"Salif Camera (played with strength and heart-felt moral outrage by Peter Lawson Jones).", February 2, 2009


"Fortunately, these scenes are in good hands, with Peter Lawson Jones conveying strength and purpose, along with a sly sense of humor, as Salif."

Christine Howey, Rave and Pan, January 24, 2009


"As Salif, Peter Lawson Jones is a forceful advocate for his people and their cause."

Kelly Ferjutz,, January 2009


Bourbon at the Border


"In one of the happiest casting coups in many years, County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones as Tyrone inhabits the stage as if he'd been secretly taking acting lessons his entire life. He's all sexual energy and funky charisma, in one of those blessed performances that illuminate the stage like a spotlight."

- Keith A. Joseph, The Cleveland Free Times, January 2008


"In the frequently comical role of Tyrone, Peter Lawson Jones - a Cuyahoga County Commissioner by day - is as smooth as a long sip of Jack Daniels Black, which he totes everywhere he goes."

- Christine Howey, Scene Magazine, January 2008

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